Karachi- Another polio case was surfaced in Karachi after which the tally of polio patients has reached to 49.
This is fifth case alone in Karachi during this year. Karachi recorded another case of polio in an 18-month-old boy resident of the city’s most volatile Gadap town neighborhood, officials confirmed today.
He said that the child, identified as Ayaz Rasool, settled in Gadap town’s highly sensitive union council-4.
Official said the boy had been inoculated only once in a special polio campaign carried out by the government, adding that his immunity and a lack of backup boosters led to the severe attack of the crippling disease on his frail body.
“The report suggests the virus attack had affected all his four limbs,” said the official.
National institute of health (NIH) sources said that so far 49 polio cases have been detected across the country.
The NIT sources said that FATA where anti-polio immunization campaign was banned by militants have highest polio cases of 38 since Jan 01, 2014 while seven polio cases were reported in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and five in Karachi . The health experts expressed concerns over surge in polio virus urged the parents across the country to vaccinate their children during anti-polio vaccination drives.