ISLAMABAD - Maryam Nawaz Sharif led an active counter-offensive to PTI 's Sunday rally by going on a tweeting overdrive, especially on 10 and 11 May.
Maryam , who as per circumstances can be considered as head of social media campaign from the side of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, had been especially active on twitter for one week but on 10th May she totally dedicated herself to advertise the success stories of the present government on social media.
With the sunrise on 10th May, Maryam started tweeting in favour of her father and the present government at large that she kept doing so till midnight and then again she started her campaign on early morning of 11th May. Most of her tweets carried an impression that she was celebrating the victory day of PML-N instead of precautionary measures against the agitation started by Imran Khan.
Maryam who has more than 350,000 followers on twitter not only herself started tweeting the projects started by PML-N government during its one year rule but also re-tweeted each and every tweet of anybody that contained some words in praise or favour of PML-N.
Most of her tweets and re-tweets carried the pictures of projects started by PML-N. It seemed that 11th May was not taken as protest day of PTI but Maryam was projecting it as PML-N day in her tweets. She also wrote at many places May 11 as "Bright Pakistan Day".
Not only she projected and re-tweeted the tweets carrying PML-N praise but also gave special importance to the people writing in favour of democracy and denying support for dictatorship. But the one thing she cared about in her personal tweets was that she did not bother to accuse or mention PTI at any stage and focused the development projects of PML-N only. But she did some re-tweets of other PML-N supporters carrying suggestions for Imran such as: "IK should focus more on performance in KP than agitation."
Interestingly not only Maryam was active on social media but the PML-N supporters, who are generally considered silent majority and avoid playing on front foot, were also observed very active in favour of their party. The said supporters also seemed concerned about the survival of democracy in the country and considered present move of IK against the democratic rule in the country.