The internet has turned the whole world into a global village. Wi-Fi is available everywhere and people are always online. This also creates a nonstop communication which does not allow the brain any rest. Now an Amsterdam based advertisement agency has created a no Wi-Fi zone. In a radius of five meters they have blocked all signals, so that people can escape any kind of interference from the electronic network. This has encouraged people to read a newspaper, a book or have a genuine conversation for a change.

I think it is about time that Karachi had its own no Wi-Fi zones that will help its citizens break free from their excessively digitised lives and disconnect themselves in order to really connect. Also, these zones would actually serve as a relaxation spot where people can talk and think about something else rather than the frequent events of mass killings and the bad law and order situation, which so often scar their minds.


Karachi, May 5.