The Supreme Court on Monday issued a suspension of the decision of the election tribunal, which ordered the re-election in Lahore’s NA-125 and PP-155 constituencies. The tribunal while annulling results of the NA-125 election had ordered a re-poll in both the constituencies. The result of this National Assembly seat had elicited an immediate protest by the voters of this NA constituency. It became one of the major thorns in the wrangling between the PML-N and PTI on the issue of systematic rigging in the 2013 elections.

Now when the matter is again sub-judice, it is expected that the rivals in this case will stop their media campaigns by issuing irresponsible comments on the proceedings of the court. It is very unfortunate that the political leadership in Pakistan has started debating the issues in public through the media, which not only puts the judiciary under pressure but certainly misleads the general public which is usually not abreast with the due process of law. The media should also refrain from encouraging lower tiers of the party leaderships to heighten the expectations of gullible followers through irresponsible comments. PEMRA is also required to carry out its responsibilities in an effective manner to protect and maintain honour and decorum of the judiciary.

Whatever the decisions of the courts and judicial commission, it is believed that current battles in the courts will produce positive results regarding transparency in the elections to be held in the future. It is also hoped that the election commission will finally emerge as a much stronger body than its predecessors in the country’s history after the final decisions by the superior judiciary. If it happens, it will be a historic move forward which will surely put the country and its people on the pathway to democracy for which the common man has always been yearning. The status and respect of the judiciary has to be preserved at all costs. The institutions should be the ultimate victors after resolving national issues of this nature.