Islamabad: Chief of Ittehad Tanzimat Madaris (ITM), Mufti Munib ur Rehman, has called for the removal of information minister Pervez Rashid from his office and initiation of action by Prime Minister (PM) against him.

“Pervez Rashid has regretted over what he had said about deeni madaris during his address in Karachi We reject it. We demand PM Nawaz Sharif to remove him from his office  and take legal action against him. Demonstrations will be held against Pervez Rashid on Friday all over the country”, he said while addressing a press conference at the National Press Club today .

 He went on to say that the audio and video of what Pervez Rashid had said in his address at Karachi is available.

“Therefore, we don’t accept his regrets,” he added.

“If the government considers students of seminaries illiterate then why  is it holding talks with them ,” he inquired.

Responding to a question he said “we will hold a meeting of legal and constitutional experts for consultation process with them on this matter.”