When Aimal Kansi was arrested by America’s CIA agents from somewhere in Dera Ghazi Khan district of Punjab in mid 90s, a very influential Pakistani politician’s son filed claim for reward money through his henchmen with American Government because the U.S.A had then announced 20 million dollars money for assisting in the arrest of Kansi- who was then thought a big threat to American security. A local advocate in America challenged the payment of 20 million dollars reward money to some Pakistani in a local court and when it came to hearing the said Advocate remarked in the open court that why should American pay 20 million dollars to the people of a country where real mother is sold in only two thousand rupees. The remarks were reported in Pakistani media but were ignored after some immediate uproar out of national ghairat (esteem). 

The Pakistan cricket after witnessing glorious time right from 1947 to early 90s is now plunging into deep humiliation in every match the team plays against any cricketing country of the world barring very few late entrants. 

From late 90s not only the world of cricket was taken over by bookies but an element of money become decisive factor in crucial cricket events. These were the Pakistani cricketers who were first blamed for fixing the matches in world events. 


Karachi, April 2.