I wish to present my perspective on some recent events which set up the example of women empowerment in our society.

According to statistics, Pakistan has 51 percent population of females from which it can be assumed that men and women would be given equal opportunities in every aspect and field of our system. But what we see is male dominancy which dooms our assumptions and our constitutional laws which demands ‘Right of equality to all’. In the West, where the women have now started the campaign ‘Pay Equally’ in which they demand equal salaries and benefits as given to men class. We have just passed the bill for the safety of women which have also became undigestible to our religious groups and parties. But now Pakistani women on their own have emerged as a substantial power and proved the world that inspite of living in a society where they aren’t provided with equal opportunities, they can do what others can.

Winning against the Indian team in a World Cup match on their home soil was a demonstration of talent and guts that our women cricket team have. Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy after winning her second Oscar was trapped in a criticism and was maligned for showing a negative side of the country to the world. Isn’t it more positive that she won the Oscar twice. Another display of strength was the cycle rally organised in Lahore and Karachi by girls to show solidarity with Aniqa Ali, a girl who was harassed by some young males who thought that riding a bicycle is only their right. A few months back girls playing cricket were beaten by a group of narrow minded beasts in Karachi University. In response to that, girls gathered in large numbers to protest by playing cricket on the same ground.

Yet these events have invigorated the women to battle for their rights, and this urges society to set their stage as equality and fair opportunities in every field is their inborn appetency.


Karachi, April 1.