Underdeveloped human capital is a phenomenon prevalent in third world countries. Though, Pakistan has come out of the shadow of third world countries, human capital development remains to be the real challenge. Child labor, denial of free access to elementary education, and population explosion among many are the clamors which have restricted Pakistan in terms of human development.

According to an estimate, 120 million out of the sum total of around 200 million people are under the age of 30. The 18-30 age group is considered to be a live wire for socio-economic growth. However, such plentiful youngsters are not properly contributing to Pakistan’s economic streams for economic elevation.

Pakistan’s economy is growing at a rate of 4.7% which is modicum. It is vehemently argued by renowned economists that the economic growth of the country should be around 7% of GDP in accordance with population rise and its growing demands.

The government has failed to meet the required economic growth level owing to short-term policies for infrastructure development. It is an undeniable fact that Pakistan has many political parties having distinct legacies to one another. This has been a great set-back for our economy, because every incoming political party puts an end to the policies of the outgoing party. Similarly, long term policies are not devised and implemented for infrastructure development which bears fruit for economic growth.

Countries such as Japan, China, Canada, and South Korea have materialized economic surge with the support of human resource. But, despite having lofty human resource potential, Pakistan is not benefiting from its contribution owing to lack of employment opportunities, stagnancy of industrial growth, scarcity of foreign investors, massive corruption, rampant poverty and unfettered population rise.

Dynastic politics is in full swing in Pakistan. The progeny of political figures assume they have the right to govern the masses. They aren’t even aware of the concept of welfare system and public grievances. Similarly, they appear unconcerned about the necessary needs of the destitute people. Moreover, people vote politicians to power on the basis of race, language, caste, sect etc. This makes inroads for vision-less political leaders whereby Pakistan has suffered a lot. A visionary political leader is the need of the hour.

Human capital development remains a far-fetching dream for Pakistan by dint of paltry budgetary provision to education which stands at 2.5% of GDP presently. Even though, 5% of GDP is being allocated by Iran, Malaysia, and India on education. Due to lack of implementation of Article (25A) of the constitution, children of the down-trodden society fall into the quagmire of child labor.

In addition, many university graduates are languishing in the state of underemployment and unemployment. The spectre of unemployment haunts young men who are incapacitated to earn a decent living. They face the prospects of grim future. Even though, employment is generated with the attainment of high growth rate, prospects of which are not bright due to a number of internal/external challenges. People hold academic degrees in their hands and when they fail to get employment, they are tempted to burn their degrees. Hence, they are sadly losing hope and enthusiasm to mull over the betterment of the country.

Rife and rise of the tendency of materialism has created relative poverty in the society. Although, the incumbent government has considerably been able to overcome actual poverty, relative poverty is increasing at a rapid pace. This is giving stimulus to social vices, crimes and has degraded law and order in the society.

Furthermore, the youth of Pakistan is incognizant about the significance of ‘purpose of life’. Islam states that everybody in this universe is born with a purpose. Life without purpose is just like life of animals as to live by bread all along. Man does not have to live by bread, and has to make efforts to achieve objects.

The youth of Pakistan is drifting away from religious education. They do not make reasoning to develop understanding of religion in a rational way. That is why; they are amenable to sectarian indoctrination and bigotry, paving the way for extremist and sectarian elements.

The modern image of man is seemingly accompanied with filthy stuff. He seems to have lost control over to thwart instincts from gratification. He has become a toy in the hands of insatiable desires of instincts. Life of slavery is highly despicable yet he longs for materialistic slavery. This is leading him to the state of mental agony and acute depression owing to the transition of chemical composition of brain. In order to get away from them, he has started taking narcotics stuff to relieve him. Nevertheless, he does not get peace. After all, serenity of the mind lies in spiritualism which is gradually being faded away since the advent of Information Technology. The moral, ideological values are being sacrificed on the altar of acquiring vain information from the IT.

Similarly, budgetary allocation to education should be increased by this fiscal year. The government must cultivate human capital for making it able to serve in every capacity of Pakistan’s economic streams. Above all, the youth need to have plentiful employment opportunities in sight for being risk-factor on the part of poor strata of society. Opening avenues of employment should be actualized for dispensation of employment opportunities. Certainly, public sectors may not have capacity to absorb all of them. For it, private sectors should be flourished. This will also dampen rampant relative poverty.

Moreover, the government must need to devise long-term policies for the infrastructure development. For it, every political party should be taken into confidence for voting in the run-up to implementation of policies. It will surely filter out reservations on the part of the opposition parties.

Fighting instincts of man is going to remain alive for all times to come. Man has to revive the spirit of the humanity and righteousness. This will subsequently revive the spirit of spiritualism for mental peace.

The government should come up with a plan to curb on unfettered population rise in accordance with economic growth. One must not lose sight of the fact that real economic growth is achieved through exports rather than domestic consumption. Risk factor always takes the lead behind domestic consumption, since Pakistan is reckoned to be on the brink of global warming catastrophe.

Lastly, the norms of democracy should be implemented not only in letter but in spirit. In doing so, Pakistan would be able to actualize its dream of becoming an Asian Tiger with the aid of human resource.