To me, dawn leak is a nuclear attack on the international image of Pakistan which Pakistan has earned a lot with the supreme sacrifices of our martyrs. It is a huge slap on the face of martyrs and the Nation along with security institutions. It has seconded the enemy stance vis-a-vis Pakistan is brewing terrorism. Dawn leaks let went in vain, the Pakistan counter terrorism efforts, in a split second. Kalbhusan Jadev of RAW, Ehsanullah Ehsan of TTP and perpetrators of the dawn leaks all fall in the same category as all are attacking the sovereignty and integrity of Pakistan. The Nation demanded court martial of the dawn perpetrators as it is a heinous treason against an independent and dignified state, else it would be blunder. Dawn leaks could not be ignored like the memo gate scandal. In case it is ignored, then remember that it will have the far reaching repercussions and nothing will be left except embarrassment in the history.


Karachi, May 1.