We are living in the society where transgender persons are the group of the people who avail the least amount of respect and rights in Pakistan. In our society, due to the provocative nature and the typical kind of the mindsets people do not like to discuss the matter of rights in an educated environment. However, most of the people even do not considered them as part of our society, as they have to face massive amount of rejections and disrespectful behaviour. I always wondered why our society generally not accept them. Is being different is a crime? Why people of or society do not understand that they are the humans like us. Moreover, as they facing many issues like unavailability of their rights and unemployment but the major issue that they are facing is illiteracy.

There is no specified department working for this community on the issue of illiteracy. It is their basic right and need to get education, and flourished themselves the way they want. They should be allowed to get education from any institutions without facing any kind of discrimination. Education is the key factor of the success, concerns NGO’s and government sectors should work on this concern and providing them facilities, so they can get education and make themselves establish like other people of our society.


Islamabad, May 2.