BAHAWALNAGAR - The sanitary condition of the town is abysmally poor as the roads and streets are littered with garbage, drains are choked and stinking water continues overflowing which serves as breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects. The sanitary condition in most of the localities is extremely bad due to apathetic attitude of authorities concerned. The defective sewerage system multiplied the public miseries but local bodies are yet to come into action. Thus, serious health hazards are looming large due to the defected water supply pipelines, which are mixed with adulterated and sewage water. The dwellers of Muslim Colony, Faisal Colony, Model Town and Quresh Colony spoke against the sorry state of affairs regarding poor sanitation.

Akhtar, a resident of Muslim Colony, expressed his concerns about the deplorable sanitary condition. He said that due to choked drains, the main chowk has turns into a pool round the year, where swarms of mosquitoes breed, despite their frequent clamoring against the situation. Mubashir of Madni Colony also complained the poor sanitary condition. Irfan expressed his grief about the worsening sanitation condition.