Education is the basic right of human beings; education is the only key to conquer anything in the world. The main objective behind education is learning, exploring and implementing. Unfortunately, the status of studies in Pakistan is only limited to grades, the more one have good grades the more one is supposed to be intelligent.

This mindset is creating incompetent individual in our society. First, the problem is content of the studies, the theories we learn in the subject courses are almost hard to implement our society because they are not applicable and most of the courses is not being update since ages students mostly studied outdated content. It is necessary to update the content of the courses and provide the latest information and knowledge to the students. Secondly, the students take studies as the most boring thing in the world; this is because teachers are fail to deliver the knowledge in an appropriate manner.

Especially if we take, the governmental institution teachers themselves show lack of interest while teaching. It is important that teachers get workshops for teaching how to teach students effectively, and the purpose of these training is to tell teachers how they can effectively communicate the concept of the course rather than the theatrical stuff. At last but not the least the pressure of getting good grades from family, peers and society. This pressure is the reason that students do illicit actions during examination like cheating, because all they want is how to get good grades in examinations. Which is not only affecting the mind of the student but also creating poor behavioural and social growth among students. All these factors leads to ineffectual education in Pakistan.

There are around 24 million out of schoolchildren in Pakistan, which is the second highest in the world after Nigeria. In addition, the one in schools are somewhat in similar situation. The average spending on education budget in Pakistan has hovered around 2 percent of the GDP. According to reports, the government will miss the mark to accomplish the ambitious goal of spending 4 percent of GDP on education budget by the year 2018. There is a need of a collaborative attention to this matter from the government, teachers and families to create an individual mentally, behaviourally and socially healthy because students are the only key for the progress and development of the country.


Islamabad, May 2.