KARACHI - The ongoing strike by truckers in Karachi is causing massive losses to the trade and industry.

Ismail Sattar, president of the Lasbela Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), has said that the business community has requested the Sindh High Court to review its verdict banning trucks’ and trailers’ movement in Karachi keeping in view the ground realities and available modes of transportation of raw material to the industry and transportation of finished goods to the port for shipment and timely distribution to markets throughout the country.

He said the industry and the ship-breaking yard in Lasbela District in Balochistan were suffering heavily due to this strike because industrial production had been affected due to unavailability of raw material.

He said that continuous transportation of raw material and products from the Lasbela Industrial Estate and Marble City and scrap from the ship-breaking industry should be ensured otherwise revenue generation from the only organised industrial sector in Balochistan would be affected. He said that this strike was not only affecting industrialists and traders, but also the dock labour, importers, exporters, transporters, stevedores, port users, shipping and clearing agents, and other concerned agencies. He said the strike had also resulted in an increase in transportation expenses.

In view of the above facts, Ismail Sattar again appealed to the Sindh High Court to review the decision in the greater national interest.