LAHORE - Jamat-i-Islami Ameer Sirajul Haq Thursday announced contacting heads of all major political parties to bring them to a single platform for electoral reforms.

Addressing a press conference at Mansoora, the JI leader said electoral corruption encouraged land mafia, feudalism and capitalism to power.

“In our election system, mandate is not secured through ballot but purchased and so-called mainstream political parties practice horse trading. For true democracy and to ensure transparent elections, electoral reforms are not only inevitable but implementation of the same also, he said. He further said Article 62 and 63 are not mere cosmetic but they are meant for implementation.

Lashing out at the election commission, Sirajul Haq said: “People have lost confidence in electoral system and polling stations which have generated uncertainty and disappointment, restlessness and terrorism in the country”.

He said our endeavor is to restore public confidence in electoral system before the next election. He said it is very essential to establish unbiased interim setup, powerful and capable election commission for transparent election for the rule of law. Electoral staff should be under Returning Officers so the responsibility could be fixed on anyone, if any misconduct or irregularity is committed, said Haq.

He also said that after election, the ROs go to their homes while the candidates go to the courts for their rights. He said the government’s tenure comes to an end but the aggrieved candidates continue their legal fight in courts.

“The state should bear the expenses of election,” said Siraj arguing that “a cyclist cannot compete an owner of helicopter or a private jet or a man who earns with honesty cannot compete one who owns billions with corruption.”

Therefore, he said the state and the election commission should get fee from the political parties as per their candidates and should hold election on their own expenses, so the corrupt could not come into power.

He raised a question that why overseas Pakistanis are kept away from the right to vote despite that they sent billions to the county. He urged the state authorities to make arrangements for votes of overseas Pakistanis.