ISLAMABAD - Three-member Supreme Court (SC) committee chairman Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed, along with other members of the bench, heard the petition regarding criteria of appointment of Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) Director General on Thursday.

The honourable court rejected the proposed criteria of appointing the PSB DG and also gave bashing to IPC joint secretary Kiyal Zad Gul, who is also acting PSB DG and termed the appointment criteria as a joke.

Justice Azmat joked that the persons, who made the criteria, should be recommended for a civilian award like ‘Nishane Imtiaz’ or the biggest award of ‘Nishne Haider’. While exchanging dialogue with Kiyal Zad Gul, Justice Azmat said there was TV show in England namely ‘Yes Minister’ and he did the same. “If the Supreme Court has no other thing to do, it at least keeps an eye on the blunders of bureaucracy,” he said.

Justice Qazi Faiz Essa questioned Kiyal whether in the history of Pakistan, such rules and criteria was heard. He further remarked the IPC ministry didn’t bother about sports and also questioned their performance.

The federal government lawyer informed the honourable court that government would look into the criteria and would inform the court. The court orders next hearing would be on May 16.