The decision of disqualification of Nawaz Sharif by the verdict is considered as a positive step in the history of Pakistan. Before this decision no one could imagine this kind of action by our judicial system. Now it’s an alarming situation for the rest of the black sheep; no one is safe while doing corruption. It has changed the mindset of the public in a very pleasant way. It doesn’t matter if you are the prime minister of the country, you have to be accountable at every step. No matter how high your status you have no right to do corruption.

The politics of Pakistan will become better in future. The decision has a great impact on other political figures. While thinking about corruption every person will having the fear of being disqualified for life. It improves the performance of elected persons from large to smaller scale because they think may be the next turn is theirs. The public elects their rulers for the betterment of country but after getting supremacy they forget their duties which is a very sad reality.

In coming years, circumstances will be different if the public elects anybody, he/she will be fulfilling his duty actively. We expect more positive changes from our system so that Pakistan will become a country with a fair political system. This historical verdict will change the fate of Pakistan and bring a great change in our country.


Lahore, April 19.