Punjab Chief Minister and President of PML-N Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif says today's Pakistan is a progressive, tolerant and peaceful country, reported by Radio Pakistan 

While addressing a gathering of diplomats from several countries in Islamabad Saturday, the CM said, "After coming to power the incumbent government took many tough decisions to overcome challenges confronting the nation."

"We became front line ally in the war against terrorism and the whole world is witness to our sacrifices and tremendous achievements in eradicating this menace," he added.

Shahbaz said, "A number of development projects are underway under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)."

Highlighting the foreign policy vision, the CM said, "Pakistan believes in a policy of peace within and abroad and has always join hands with the world community in peace efforts in the region and across the world."

"Our foreign policy is a policy of durable peace and stability," he further added.