It is the right of every citizen of Pakistan to get quality education in higher education institutions. However, unfortunately, these institutes are not making strenuous efforts to provide quality and admirable education to students. Faculty members belonging to public sector universities are incompetent enough that they are not able to demonstrate their expertise through lectures in classrooms. There is no proper forum in universities which can promote the inner potentialities of young students rather these institutes are more inclined towards counterfeit research and conferences which do not contribute anything for the betterment of society. Unhygienic food in canteens; there is no proper check and balance system, which can ensure that no one is affected through food consumption.

Poor transportation and unprofessional drivers of public sector universities have caused many fatal accidents. Now, it is high time that board under the leadership of top-notch educationists and other specialized technocrats of Pakistan, which can ensure the accountability of all the affairs of universities of Pakistan.


Sindh, April 20.