LAHORE - JI leader Liaquat Baloch has said Prime Minister Imran Khan’s “Tabdeeli” has turned into a nightmare for the masses because of the worsening economic conditions. According to a party press release, he said that national growth rate had fallen to 3.29, the lowest in the last nine years. He said that the terms of the IMF fresh programme and the burden of the loans and interest would cause a horrible increase in the cost of production and the masses would suffer tremendously. The JI deputy chief said that India’s brutalities in Held Kashmir had reached new heights but the Kashmiris had had become invincible. At the same time, he said, India’s water aggression against this country was continuing. He further said it was India that had hatched a conspiracy against the construction of major dams in Pakistan that had become a bane for the national economy. He impressed upon the government to frame a firm and clear cut policy of Kashmir and India’s water aggression.