Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I want to draw the attention of the government to observe the mismanagement of Lahore general hospital. The hundreds of people wait outside the Ultrasound room. They claimed that they were waiting there for many hours. In fact, due to the lack of machinery people faced many worries. They often lost their temperament.

The most important aspect is the lack of beds that make a miserable condition for patients. A couple of patients had been laying together on a single bed in the emergency room. Thanks to the team of doctors, which seem to be non-cooperative and snubbed the patients.

Especially, the female staff of doctors denounces the male patients deliberately; even they lashed out at them. I do extremely appeal to the government; watchdog the hospitals that claimed many lives of the poor just because of ignorance.

PM KHAN should take serious notice to avert such menace in the hospitals and give them a new look of Naya Pakistan.


Lahore, April 19.