Royal Coronation


12 May 1937 was another historic day for the royals and fellow common wealth nations. The day, King George became the King of the United Kingdom and Dominions of the British Common Wealth. Although George the sixth was second in line of the throne, he became the king due to the abdication of his brother Edward the eighth. It is important to note that May 12 was not only the coronation of George in fact, Queen Elizabeth, also known as Queen Mother became the Queen of the United Kingdome along with George.

The events of May 12 were not only a formal ceremony in fact a spectacular display of the British Commonwealth. Guests from all across the world gathered at the Buckingham Palace, there were Indian princes, African Royals along with prime ministers from each dominion.

All royal guests were part of the procession back and forth from the West Minister Abbey. As of today, Royal events take place in the same manner. It was Queen Elizabeth`s coronation after King George and since then, the world is yet to see another coronation procession to the West Minister Abbey.