As our leader, Quaid-Azam said, “No nation can rise to the heights of glory until its women do not side to side”, for they are an integral part of the society. In addition, Islamic society gives more rights to women despise men. However, it is heart wrenching that the situation of rural areas is still unchanged.

There is a decline of woman doctors, teachers and other professionals of females, where women cannot attain education, take part in political and social activities, rather kept at home for domestic works, which seems strange and injustice to them.

Besides, the government has failed to provide quality education to girls, especially the rural areas, where most of the villages are not consisting of a single primary or a middle school for girls.

If we put a glance on the past, women were as strong and brave as men were. Therefore, if we really want our country to promote forward, then we have to eliminate illiteracy rate and provide equal opportunities in the field of education, employment, economics, science, etc., to our women.


Dasht, April 20.