TAXILA - Ramazan bazaar established by the town administration failed to deliver despite the Rs4 billion subsidies allocated for these bazaars to provide essential commodities.

It was observed that city’s only bazaars which are established to cater to the need of huge population is marred by poor management.

The bazaar which was set up along GT road just before the commencement of holy month of Ramazan as a means to provide daily use food items such as fresh vegetables, fruit, oil and flour at subsidized rates proved a flop show. The poor state of Ramazan bazaar at Taxila reflects failure of administration in providing relief. The buyers at the bazaar have complained that prices are lower than in the open market, but the quality is low as according to them, the Ramazan bazaar is not delivering as per claims of Punjab government as well as local administration. Those seeking quality fruit, vegetables and mutton or beef are visiting open markets.

“You cannot buy good things at low rates. Low rates mean compromised quality,” said Imran, a buyer at the bazaar. Saba Pervaiz, another customer at the bazaar said that this bazaar was useless as we could not find what we want to buy, and if we find it then it’s out of our reach, so we have to go back to open markets. “Moreover, local markets are much better than this fancy Ramzan bazaar, at least you can find most of the products there unlike here”, she said.

“Even though people visit the bazaar from last two days, they return disappointed as it has little variety of food items to offer,” said Saleem, a local who lives adjacent to the bazaar. “There is nothing worth buying here except little variety of dates, rotten fruits, substandard vegetable and controlled supply of sugar and flour,” he added.