BEIJING                   -               The Chinese military medical experts, currently visiting Pakistan to share China's experience on

COVID-19 prevention and control, has lauded the Pakistan's testing capacity of the disease.

Zhou Feihu, head of the Chinese expert team and former director of the Intensive Care Unit

(ICU) Department of the Chinese PLA General Hospital, said, "We have visited a total of eight military hospitals in the surrounding areas in the last week and a half. We shared with them our experience of fighting against the coronavirus."

"They also told us their diagnosis and treatment procedures. As for their problems encountered in fighting the virus, we made suggestions based on our experience, which they thought were helpful," China Economic Net reported. One expert of the military medical team Li Mianyang said, "Both of the tests - quantity and level -at the virology institute are good. One laboratory could conduct about 700 tests every day, which is relatively large."

Li added, "We advise Pakistan to further improve the testing capacity to meet the clinical demand."

After visiting many hospitals, the visiting medical team thinks the Pakistani government and army have attached great importance to the control and prevention of the pandemic. They have established relatively sound epidemic prevention systems and also made some achievements. However, the general public need further raise their awareness of the pandemic's control and prevention."

"The general public can also do better in keeping a social distance," said Xu Yinzhe, another expert of the medical team to aid Pakistan. Xu added that they hope to work together with Pakistan to mobilize the masses to join in the fight against the pandemic.