ISLAMABAD                  -              Popular Turkish drama serial Dirilis Ertugrul is a favorite drama serial of Pakistanis these days. It is often described as “Turkish Game of Thrones.” The drama serial is all about the stories of Muslim Oghuz Turks, fighting invading Mongols, Christian Byzantines and the fanatic Knights Templar Cru­saders in Anatolia (now modern-day Turkey) of the 12th century. Well, the two famous and favor­ite characters of Pakistanis from the drama series are Erutgrul Gazi and his wife Halime Sultan. People are comparing these two with Pakistani stars and a newlywed couple Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar Khan. Some people even demanded that if there is going to be a Paki­stani version of Dirilis Ertugrul then Hamza and Naimal must be chosen for the role of Ertugrul and Halime Sultan. However, some people were completely against it and they don’t want Paki­stani version of Dirilis Ertugrul.