NEW YORK                  -                A specially chartered Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight left Washington, the capital city, for Islamabad Sunday carrying 200 hundred Pakistani citizens stranded by the coronavirus outbreak that led to the suspension of commercial flight operations around the world. It was the first of six such charter flights, arranged by the Government of Pakistan in collaboration with PIA   for the repatriation of a total of around 1,500 Pakistanis stranded in the United States, according to the Pakistani embassy in Washington. Meanwhile, a US chartered flight will be taking around 150 Pakistani students back to Pakistan on 11 May. These students had been in the U.S. on various US-sponsored exchanges programmes. Earlier, a number of stranded Pakistanis in the United States were able to return to Pakistan using Qatar Airways flights that were allowed especially by the Government. In Sunday, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States, Asad Majeed Khan, was present at Dulles Airport to oversee arrangements for the first flight and to bid farewell to passengers, the embassy said in a press release.