ISLAMABAD                  -                 Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan said on Monday that incumbent government took all possible measures on national level to contain COVID-19 crisis. Talking to a private news channel he stated the government has increased the corona-testing capacity across the country,moreover it would  further enhanced it to serve the nation effectively. It was commonly understood that people could not afford a total lock down in the country as majority was living below the poverty line, he mentioned. ‘’In my area people were not following SOPs initially but after the strict measures taken by the local administration situation got better,’’ he said. He further said he had been distributing ration among deserving families and witnessed that people should be allowed to work with all SOPs in smart lock down,as it would save them from total bankruptcy. While  replying to a question he said,  PTI government had introduced many reforms to improve the health system of the country,and it would be tested during this terrible time of pandemic.