The strategic environment in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOJ&K), the most sensitive nuclear flashpoint in the world, is now hurtling inevitably towards its critical mass. PM Modi’s Hindutva-crazed government has senselessly manoeuvred itself into a strategic cul de sac. Its options other than war with Pakistan are fast dwindling; rather war appears to be just another misconceived, misconstrued, misperceived, mishandled Indian false flag operation anyway.

Kashmir is afire. The inexorable clash of intents and wills between the Indian occupation forces and the indigenous Kashmiri resistance movement is ominously gaining momentum.

The major global powers ought to take note of this dangerously deteriorating strategic environment in IOJ&K, particularly when the world is seriously preoccupied with the coronavirus pandemic. Sooner than later they will have to pre-empt India from vitiating it irretrievably. India’s reckless brinkmanship, hubris and intransigence in IOJ&K (and across the LoC) will force them to either take a principled stand on the inalienable rights of the Kashmiris’ right to self determination and their right to armed struggle or accept the consequences of an ill-timed, ill-considered potentially conventional-nuclear war. The choices are stark. The international community must ensure that peace, good global order and international law reign supreme. The Indians must not be allowed to turn this human tragedy (COVID-19) into an opportunity for them to further suppress the Kashmiris and promote their fanciful regional ambitions.

The UN is cognisant of the deplorable human rights situation in IOJ&K, for the last nine months and counting. It must publicly acknowledge and reiterate its commitment to the 1974 UNGA Resolution 3314 which explicitly supports peoples’ Right to Self Determination and their Right to Armed Struggle, including their right to seek and receive external support. The OIC endorses the same through its 1988 Convention on Combatting International Terrorism. Article 49 of the 4th Geneva Convention forbids an occupying force to transfer or deport any part of its population into an occupied territory – for any reason whatsoever. The UN (UNSC, P-5) and OIC must unambiguously uphold international law, UNSC-UNGA Resolutions on Kashmir and move decisively to forestall all Indian attempts at denying the Kashmiris their inalienable human rights. Demographic engineering in IOJ&K must be forestalled, too. It is patently inhuman. China, an interested party in the Kashmir issue, has a cardinal role to play in resolving this imbroglio.

The Hindutva-laced policies of the BJP government have acquired a runaway momentum and effect of their own. If this racist juggernaut is not stopped now it will precipitate the Indian Union’s implosion along with severe destabilisation of the region. PM Modi’s hand might be forced to go to war to satiate the frenzied Hindutva rhetoric and deflect public attention from dire economic and social woes at home. The RSS-BJP combine’s relentless pogrom of Indian and Kashmiri Muslims has the other minorities like the Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians, Adivasis, Jains, Dalits (untouchables) etc on tenterhooks. The international community has thus far been callously oblivious to the ruthless carnage that the Indians are perpetrating on the Indian and Kashmiri Muslims. Encouraged by this international indifference, the Indians have apparently given domicile rights to about 300,000 aliens to settle in IOJ&K. What will their modus operandi be, henceforth? Will they force the original native Kashmiris to sell their lands to these aliens or will they just drive them off their lands/properties and into detention centres along the LOC or even across it? (The Indians must not forget their own experiences with the Mukti Bahini in erstwhile East Pakistan) Further, will they establish new settlements on government land behind barbed wires, security walls, check posts and protective cordons for them? All forced demographic changes will lead to a bitter, discordant and dysfunctional society. The dispossessed Kashmiris will not accept the aliens as social, commercial, political equals/partners. They will see them as usurpers, occupiers and competitors in every field. The aliens are likely to be ostracised, shunned, spurned and boycotted politically, socially and commercially. They will be unwelcome and will feel unsafe. The polarisation in IOJ&K will become severer, unbridgeable and will evoke an even fiercer kinetic response from the Kashmiris. The first signs of indigenous Kashmiri resistance are already visible. International opprobrium and Pakistan’s reactions will add further to India’s plight in IOJ&K. The fractures that emanate from IOJ&K will eventually splinter the Indian Union for good!

Pakistan must support the Kashmiri Muslims, unambiguously. It must raise the issue with the UN and all concerned international fora and major capitals of the world. In particular, it must take up the case of the settlement of aliens in IOJ&K at the relevant UN and other international platforms under the pertinent international laws. This is the age of 5th generation warfare. The Indians have applied it ruthlessly against Pakistan. Pakistan must respond likewise. Pakistan must get the UNSC to take up the Kashmir issue once again and to publicly proclaim, acknowledge and reiterate the Kashmiris’ rights to self-determination and armed struggle – along with the right to seek and receive support therefor. (East Pakistan-Bangladesh, 1971).

Of the many modern-day Muslim struggles against occupation forces, two come to mind – the Palestinian and the Afghan. The Palestinians, despite their brave resistance, were unceremoniously ditched by the international community and regretfully by the so-called Muslim Ummah, too. Their Arab brethren got increasingly neutralised and lost interest. The machinations and intrigues of the US-Israel Combine prevailed. On the other hand, the Afghans beat back the British in the 19th century, the Soviets in the 20th and have the US and its allies on their knees in the 21st. In each case the force ratios, funds, weaponry, resources, etc were decidedly against the Afghans. Yet they remained defiant and triumphed. The Afghan never-say-die spirit could be inspirational. The current strategic environment lends itself well to the Afghan model. Unlike Palestine, the world and the Muslim Ummah must never be allowed to forget or become indifferent to the Kashmir issue. Left unattended, untackled and unresolved it has the potential to move into ominous dimensions.

Die Sekunde der Wahrheit – ‘the moment of truth’, for all global powers and players has arrived.