ISLAMABAD - Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Senator Shibli Faraz has said that protection of public’s health is the foremost priority of the government. In a tweet, he said we would have to encourage people and create awareness among them to use the effective weapon of precautionary measures to protect themselves from coronavirus. Later, Federal Minister lauded the initiative of CAP to distribute five million face masks among the people. While launching the “Mask4All Campaign”, he said that the initiative of mask distribution was a good example of public-private partnership. Under this campaign the CAP would distribute five million face masks in collaboration with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

 He said that adopting precautionary measures was the best possible way of protection against the pandemic and the most effective antidote was the use of face mask, especially at the places where public interaction took place.

He said that use of gloves should be promoted along with the face masks. He urged the people to strictly follow the Standard Operating Procedures issued by the government. Everyone must join hands to defeat this epidemic, he added.

“Our resources are limited, we have to be careful not only about ourselves but also to protect others,” Shibli said.