Athar Shah Khan alias jaidi breathed his last on May 10, 2020 in Karachi. Born in Rampur in 1943 he moved with his family to Lahore, Pakistan in 1947 and eventually moved to Lahore in 1975. He was a radio artiste, a poet, a writer, an actor and a comedian par excellence. His radio programme ‘rung he rung Jaidi key sung’ was aired for 19 years, a record in itself. He amused many generations through decades of 70s to 90s. Jaidi’s innocence in writing and acting won him accolades throughout his audience. He was a genuine craftsman who crafted humour ingenuously. His comic characters and social messages he delivered through them were awesome. His epic dramas, Intesar Farmaye, Ba Adab Ba Mulahiza Husiyar and Lakhon mayn teen amused millions of people. An iconic figure of comedy in a country where good comedians can be counted on fingers, Khan brought smiles on the face of his viewers. His spontaneous dialogue delivery, wit and acting acumen, earned him a special place in the hearts of people, rarely achieved by actors. His physical appearance and comic actions were second to none. After Jamshaid Ansar, Khan had best timing of dialogue delivery. It is hoped that students of literature would research on his prose and poetry to acknowledge his contribution to Fine Arts that has enriched our literature beautifully. His biography will be of a great interest for his lovers, May his soul rest in highest echelon of heavens.