ISLAMABAD                  -                Have you ever watched a beauty tu­torial and wondered how that guru so easily popped on a pair of falsies? You’re not alone.

False eyelashes are notoriously tricky to apply, even harder to re­move, and often leave the eye sticky with a bit of glue residue. On the other hand, lash extensions are an investment and require major up­keep. What’s a person to do if they want the look of long and luscious lashes without all the pain? Enter magnetic lashes, the less difficult cousin of the falsie that’s not only easy to apply and remove but can do so without leaving behind a sticky mess. Magnetic lashes work in two ways, they can attach by using two magnetic strips that snap over the lash line or you can apply a magnetic eyeliner before you place the lash. And the high-tech falsies are safe if you proceed with caution.

Magnetic lashes can cause the same problems as strip lashes if not taken care of or removed properly—things like loss of lashes, conjunctivi­tis, and blepharitis. The wearer must remove the liner properly as we don’t want it to clog the lash pores. But magnetic lashes don’t pose the same issues that glue lashes do.