LAHORE                -         Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar Monday said Pakistan’s healthcare delivery system will have no means to bear the burden, if the COVID-19 spread went out of control.

“If the people did not observe SoPs, there will be no option left but to withdraw relaxations and reimpose strict restrictions to control the spread of coronavirus,” he said while addressing a ceremony held to distribute 120,000 masks and opening of 32 disinfection tunnels besides speaking to media persons at the Hafeez Centre here on Monday. 

As soon as businesses reopened, the Governor regretted that people came out of their homes in droves believing that the dreadful coronavirus had subsided. But actually, he said, the situation of virus spread was getting serious every passing day.

Replying to a media person’s question, the Governor said the government had relaxed the lockdown restrictions to ensure that masses’ economic problems be mitigated but people had begun misusing the facility and coming out of their homes aimlessly.  He said such lapses would lead to spread of coronavirus at dangerous level.

He stressed that everyone coming out of their homes should observe SOPs in letter and spirit otherwise they would not only invite trouble for themselves but also infect others causing burden on the healthcare delivery system.

Responding to another question, the Governor said strict lockdown would immediately be imposed to save Pakistan from a bigger crisis, if the coronavirus spread saw surge during the current relaxations.

He said the fight against coronavirus pandemic was not of any individual or the government alone but the whole nation.

Governor Punjab said that Indian’s government had become a serious threat to peace in the region and started violating ceasefire on the Line of Control (LoC) as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s true face was exposed around the world.

Observing that India is trying to fan war hysteria, the Governor reminded India of Pakistan’s Feb 27 response as its air-force jet tried to enter Pakistan’s territory.

He said all 220 million Pakistanis were standing alongside the Pakistan Army to give a befitting reply to its enemy. “India must stop the war hysteria, resolve Kashmir issue according to the UN resolutions and ensure due protection and basic human rights to Muslims in India.

He said the Pakistan’s defense was in safe hands and India would be responded in the same coin if it dared any misadventure against Pakistan.