Following the launching of Hajj operation here, 8,813 Hajj pilgrims from Lahore have thus far arrived Hijaz-e-Muqaddas through 22 flights, which included 6,785 pilgrims under government scheme and 2,028 under private, while any sort of perception relating to the delay in departure or causing inconvenience to the pilgrims is not correct. Lahore Director Hajj, Syed Farogh Aftab Zaidi yesterday talking to the media at Haji Camp here told this. Clarifying the situation he said that the booking of 6,859 persons under government scheme have thus far been received from the ministry of religious affairs at the Haji Camp here, out of which, 6,785 persons have already left for Hijaz-e-Muqaddas, while among the remaining 74 few of them couldn't leave for personal reasons of their own and they could be adjusted in some upcoming flights. Similarly, NADRA had raised some objection on the national identity cards of few persons, which if removed, such persons would also be sent for Hajj. He said that such group organizer under private scheme, who were delayed in getting the visa stamped on their passports, their Hajj pilgrims have also been adjusted through different Hajj flights.