I have been a keen follower of the lawyers' movement since last year. The PPP position on the movement has been uncomfortable for many and the party is also said to have suffered heavily for its divergence from the principled PML-N stand on the issue. The PML-N, on the other hand, has politicized the issue to its maximum advantage although I feel its association with the lawyers has caused the struggle more damage than PPP's disassociation. I feel the perception of PPP is susceptible to generalization. Despite having been on the opposite side of the divide, it was the PPP government, which released the deposed judges and restored their salaries. PPP also facilitated the lawyers Long March in June this year, and let it take place unhindered. Similarly during the deposed Chief Justice's recent visit to the Supreme Court, there were rumours about restriction on the media to cover the event. But the Information Minister immediately clarified that she had placed no such curbs on the media. The media was able to give a minute-by-minute account of the deposed CJ's rally and address to the Supreme Court Bar Association. Keeping in mind this consistent attitude of fairness by the PPP government, the lawyers need to rethink their strategy. Unlike the situation last year, when we were dealing with an unconstitutional ruler, they are now dealing with a legitimate, democratic government. -MOHAMMAD ALI DANISH, Islamabad, November 3.