KARACHI - Speakers at All Parties Conference (APC) held under the aegis of Jamaat-e-Islami Sindh Tuesday unanimously gave a strike call for November 22, against privatisation of QadirPur Gas-Field. They also announced to stage protest demonstration across Sindh on November 16 for the same cause. The APC demanded the government to immediately stop the privatisation of the profitable national assets like Qadirpur Gas-field else their campaign has been continued till the government should return its decision. The APC was held at JI Sindh Head Quarter, in Quba Auditorium against the privatisation of the Qadirpur Gas-field. As many as 33 political and religious parties' representatives including JI Sindh leader Asadullah Bhutto, Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan chief Sahibzada Abukhar Zubair, SUP President Jalal Mehmood Shah, PML-N leader Zain Ansari, PMAP leader Abdul Ali Khan, SNP leader Ayub Sher, JUI-F's Qari Sher Afzal, PPP-SB leader Ghulam Hussain, APDM's Usman Baloch, NWP President Yousaf Masti Khan and others also addressed the moot. Addressing on the occasion former MNA, JI Sindh Chief Maulana Asadullah Bhutto said that QadirPur Gas-field was the property of Sindh and Pakistani nation and the people of country would never allow the rulers to privatise the Qadirpur Gas-field. He claimed that under the 'dictates' of IMF, Government wanted to privatise the national asset of QadirPur Gas-field, which had been generating a profit of more than Rs 30 million on daily basis. He feared that People might face the shortage of gas like the electricity, after the privatisation of the Qadirpur Gas-field. Asadullah Bhutto said that already depressed masses could not bear more inflation and it would be a terrible injustice with the people if govt did go with privatisation plan of the profitable national asset. JUP leader Sahibzada AbulKhar Zubair said that PPP government had been chanting the pro-people and patriotic slogans but what they actually did was nothing but contradiction of the same. He said former President Musharraf was removed from the scene only after the western powers realised that they could have a better replacement. Former speaker Sindh Assembly and president Sindh United Party Syed Jalal Mehmood Shah said that the Arab and Pakistani rulers wanted to privatise the gas field. "When the country is already power-starved in the wake of low production of electricity and high oil prices, how could it be wiser to privatise the gas fields," he wondered. He appealed to the people of Sindh to support the strike call given by the APC for November 22nd against the 'blatant' privatisation. Zain Ansari, Vice President PML-N Sindh, criticised government decision of de-nationalising of the gas field and asked the government to reconsider its decision on the national asset. He said that incumbent government was following the previous government's pro-US policies and apathetic to people's problems. JUI-F Central leader, Qari Sher Afzal also criticised the selling bid. However, in an adopted resolution APC said that the Qadirpur Gas Field was providing 33 per cent of total domestic gas to consumers of the country and feared that after the privatisation people might face immense increase in gas prices like the electricity. "The privatisation of Qadirpur Gas-Field was a conspiracy against the poor masses, already depressed from the power outages and economical problems". APC demanded the lawmakers to resist the government decision to privatise the the Qadirpur gas-field.