US President George W Bush, who wanted to be a "gracious" host to Barack Obama, consulted his predecessor Bill Clinton over phone before a face-to-face meeting with the future Commander-in-Chief at the White House. "As a matter of fact, (I) called him yesterday (on Monday) and said 'Bill, I'm getting ready to meet with the new President, and I remember how gracious you were to me. I hope I can be as gracious to President-elect Obama as you were to me," Bush told CNN in an interview. Describing as relaxed the atmosphere during his Oval Office meeting with Obama, Bush said it was a "very private conversation". "To the extent that he asked my advice -- and he may want to ask it again -- and the best way to make sure he feels comfortable asking it again is for me not to tell you in the first place on what I advised him. We had a very private conversation.... "He didn't need my advice about supporting the military. He knows he must do that. We had a good conversation. I was very pleased," the outgoing President said. Although Bush expressed regret that Republican presidential nominee John McCain did not win the presidency, he called the election of Obama "good for our country." "The election of Barack Obama is a historic moment for our country. There are a lot of people in America who did not believe they would ever see this day. It is good for our country that people have hope in the system and feel vested in the future and President-elect Obama has a great opportunity," Bush said. "I really do wish him all the best. I am just as American as he is American, and it is good for our country that the President succeeds," Bush told CNN.