ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Muslim League-Q, in its elders' meeting to be held today, will most likely constitute a special committee to transform embattled Q-League into dynamic and vibrant Opposition as well as to narrow down party's internal rifts and differences in a bid to avert imminent fracture within fragile political entity.     PML-Q elders had two separate meetings here on Tuesday to hold mutual consultations in this regard. First meeting was held at Senator Dilawar Abbas's residence at lunch in which Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain, Hamid Nasir Chattha and Ijaz-ul-Haq participated. The other consultation meeting was held at the residence of Chattha at night in which a good number of Chattha's like-minded Q-Leaguers mulled over the party affairs particularly over the question of party's central command's replacement.    Another crucial meeting of 'Q' elders from both Chattha and Chaudhry's camp is scheduled today (Wednesday) in which the Q-Leaguers would decide the chemistry of the said committee and its mandate. The sources within PML-Q said that after the constitution of special committee to run party affairs, the authority and clutch of Chaudhrys on Q-League would practically reach its termination thus paving the way for non-Chaudhrys to take over party's top command.   Sources told The Nation that in the meeting between Chattha and Shujaat in the morning, Chattha had exhibited his concerns over the hawkish statements of Ch Pervaiz Elahi before PML-Q President. "Hamid Nasir Chattha said to Shujaat that the statements of Elahi could foil the rapprochement efforts within party", said the sources, adding that PML-Q president in response had assured Chattha that he would bar Elahi from making such statements. It is to be mentioned here that few days earlier, Elahi had stated that the group of four in the party was active to get PML-J revived.      Sources claimed that PML-Q President Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain in the meeting strongly rejected the demands of like-minded for quitting party and said that if someone did not want to stay in the party 'they are free to leave the party'. Sources further said that one-on-one meeting between Shujaat and Chattha turned hot after a while and both went aggressive in their tunes. "Chatta demanded from Shujaat to hold party elections in December but Ch Shujaat refused to do so and said that elections would not be held before time", said sources. Former Federal Minister, Ijaz-ul-Haq talking to The Nation said that he was present in the meeting of Hamid Nasir Chattha and Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain at Senator Dilawar Abbass's residence. "It was a routine get-together in which we discussed an array of issues particularly the plan to make PML-Q vibrant and dynamic", he added.      Haq said that PML-Q would form a committee that would be assigned to transform PML-Q into dynamic Opposition. "Most likely the said special committee will be constituted on Wednesday (today) in the meeting of party elders", he stated. When asked whether Hamid Nasir Chattha had exhibited his disgust before Shujaat over the statement of Pervaiz Elahi in which he had said that the group of four wanted to revive PML-J, he said that no such matter came under discussion in the meeting.   He said that the special committee would also resolve party's internal differences and would talk to the members of the forward bloc. "PML-Q forward blocs are the part of us and have been our fellows for a long time, therefore we would convince them to come to mainstream party", he added. Ijaz-ul-Haq said that the incumbent regime was supporting forward blocs and it was against the healthy democratic norms. When asked by this scribe that the government had also been engaged in parleys with Chaudhrys of Gujrat, Haq did not repel the report and said, "The government was doing so just to float itself".