KARACHI - Peter Cohen of Australia initially considered as a strong candidate for the FIH's top job has withdrawn his nomination from the FIH presidential race making it two candidate contest between incumbent Els Breda Vrismen of Holland and former Olympian Leandro Negre of Spain, according to information available here Tuesday. The elections for the FIH president will take place on the occasion of FIH Congress in Los Angeles (USA) on November 29. Presidenet PHF Qasim Zia, secretary PHF Asif Bajwa will represent Pakistan at the Congress. Former Olympian Islahuddin, member of Hockey Rules Board and Col. Mudassar Asghar member of competition committee are also expected to attend FIH meetings. Following the withdrawal of the Aussie two candidates who would be direct fight for the top FIH job are 1968 Olympics veteran Leandro Negre of Spain and the current persidenet Els van Breda Vriesman of Holland who would be seeking her second four year term in the parent body of hockey. In the meantime the two candidates have started canvassing to convince their friends and foes to vote for them.Els van Breda Vriesman stands for status quo while her opponent the Mexico Olympic hockey veteran Leandro Negre is challenging her with the slogan "new approach on governance at the FIH and change. He is for empowering continental Federations, clubs and players. He feels clubs are of uppermost importance to hockey and they were the biggest constituency after players. In his appeal to the voters, Leandro Negre stands for enhanced governance and for a new role for the continental federations and for global consensus on competitions scheme for a new approach on competition management. He stands for developing hockey around the world both in number and in quality Els van Vriesman who in far distant past was a regular visitor to Pakistan when it called the tune at world level, in her appeal to the voters stated that that she looked back with pride at a number of important achievements during the past seven years. To mention but a few hockey's improved status in the Olympic Movement, an increase in global membership, improved services to member countries and continental federations, the quality and success of hockey events, global hockey development projects, such as the revitalization of hockey in India and the stimulation of hockey in Africa, the improved quality of world hockey and the enormous growth of media exposure for the sport and a substantial increase of income from global sponsors. Leandro Negre has received more support from top personalities of Asia and Europe. Sultan Azlan Shah, president of the Asian hockey Federation and former FIH president Juan Angel Calzado has put their weight behind the Spainard. The FIH Presidential Election will take place during the FIH Congress. Besides the election for President, the election for the female Vice-President will take place. The current Vice-President Annabel Dillon (SIN) is candidate for another term. She will run against Vidya Stokes (IND). Elections for the FIH Executive Board will also take place. The following elections will take place during FIH Congress Saturday 29 November 2008, Los Angeles (USA) FIH President: Mrs. Els van Breda Vriesman (NED) - Current President Mr. Leandro Negre (ESP) FIH female Vice President: Mrs. Annabel Dillon (SIN) - Current female Vice-President Mrs. Vidya Stokes (IND) FIH Executive Board (5 to be elected: minimum of 3 females): Mrs. Joke Bougon (FRA) - Current Executive Board Member Miss Anne Ellis (WAL) - Current Executive Board Member Mrs. Renita Garard (AUS) Miss Sue Neill (CAN) - Current Executive Board Member Mr. Stephan Abel (GER) Mr. Jan Albers (NED) Mr. Serguey Chechenkov (RUS) The current Executive Board Members Mr. David Balbirnie (IRL) and Mr. Wolfgang Rommel (GER) do not stand for a new term.