ISLAMABAD - A little thrill for some can put others in a big trouble. And excitement at the cost of others, especially the poor, may become a crime. One such cheap thrill robbed the waiters of a cafT at Super Market of their day's earning when some youngsters of a well-to-do family ran away without paying the cafT's bill. Though it did provide some excitement to those teenagers who showed off victory signs while fleeing, it was a tense situation for the waiters, as they had to pay for the damages. And its so shocking as the waiters don't get salary from the cafT's management. It's a pity that nearly 50 food servers work at two food points in Super Market but are not paid even a single penny by the owners and remain dependent only on tip. Most of the times they have to prepare the sandwiches and others dishes themselves and also serve them as well but their services remain unpaid by the cafT's management. "I work here for twelve hours but get nothing from the owners in return. The tip we receive from the customer is the only source of income for us," said a worker at a Super Market cafT. Definitely its not an attractive job as they are not at all on the receiving end. Growing unemployment and market saturation have forced them to live in this situation. Though the managers of the cafT registered a complaint at Rescue 15 against the Hooligans, they believe that it's fruitless as they are the children of some influential persons and security officials will let them go even if they are identified.