This is in conjunction with the blast that took place in Marriot Islamabad leaving more than 80 people dead and countless injured, including a Czech ambassador and two US marines which keep springing the headlines of the major newspapers, without any regard to other innocent victims that lost their lives in the aftermath of the deadly blast. There are a few questions that I would like to raise and bring to everyone's attention concerning the blast and the repercussions that would follow, with reference to the foreign policy of our country. First and foremost, the hotel which is situated in a red alert zone of the capital city in the vicinity of the PM house, has extremely tight security arrangements round the clock, especially in lieu of the high level dinner taking place at the same time; how was it possible for someone to move freely with 1000 kgs of explosives at the back of his truck; why were the security forces patrolling the area for miscreants removed at 4pm from the vicinity? Secondly, this horrendous incident has left a deep scar and will not be forgotten for a very long time by the civilians of Islamabad who I'm sure feel very helpless and insecure at this point in time. Understandably this would happen if the safest of safest areas of the capital city itself have been blown up with 1000 kgs of TNTs, but then where do we go from here? Does this imply that Pakistan has officially lost the so called 'War on Terror' and cannot deal with the militants in Fata on its own with Taliban claiming responsibility for it? Is it time that the Bush administration paves the way for the Democratic leadership soon coming to power to impinge on the sovereignty of Pakistan? Only the thought of such an idea leaves me to lose much hope in the future of this country. -ALI JALIL, LUMS student, November 11.