In the past, Indian Army has been blamed and found guilty of a number of crimes like financial corruption, moral turpitude and involvement in espionage, but recently, a serving Lieutenant Colonel and a couple of retired officers have been arrested for their involvement in major acts of terrorism. India has been involved in State Terrorism for far too long and its major tool for perpetrating the heinous crimes against its neighbours and its own people has been its law enforcing agencies and its army. India's stratified society based on the caste system has no compassion or respect for lower castes while people of other religions like Muslims, Christians (including foreign missionaries) and Sikhs along with Harijans/Dalits have been routinely massacred by the bigoted upper caste Hindus. Their houses, mosques, gurduwaras and churches have been destroyed by the thousands. Indian-Occupied Kashmir has been virtually under siege and subjected to a reign of terror since 1989, when the Kashmiris Muslims took up arms to seek the freedom promised to them by UN Resolutions but denied for forty-two years by subsequent Indian governments. The reign of terror unleashed by the Indian Army on the hapless Kashmiris failed to subdue their quest for freedom but has had a telling effect on the morale of their tormentors. The mental health of the Indian Armed Forces, especially those deployed in Jammu and Kashmir has been a cause of major concern to Indian defence planners. There have been numerous cases of suicide, fratricide (enlisted men shooting their own officers) also known as fragging, and multiple mental disorders ranging from depression to stark madness. Massacring innocent Kashmiris and labelling them as terrorists, faking encounters to falsely claim awards and promotions; raping, looting and committing arson day after day was bound to take its toll. It was announced in December 2006 by Vice Admiral V K Singh, Director General of the Indian Armed Forces Medical Service, that the army plans to recruit 400 psychiatrists to cope with stress within its ranks that has led to an increase in fratricidal killings and suicides. A very serious act of depravity committed by the Indian Armed Forces at the behest of its rulers has been conducting acts of terrorism against its own people and laying the blame on Indian Muslims and Pakistanis. While indulging in acts of terrorism to give vent to their hate, chauvinism and prejudice, the Indians have been oblivious of the aftermath i.e. the incarnation of its armed forces into virtual Frankensteins. Practicing Hindutva, the harbingers of bigotry have mutated the Indian Army into monsters and psychopaths indulging in acts of terrorism on their own. Lieutenant Colonel Srikant Purohit, currently posted at the Indian Army Education Corps School in Panchmarhi in Madhya Pradesh has been arrested by Mumbai police's anti-terrorism squad (ATS) on November 4 for his suspected involvement in the September 29, 2008 bomb blast in Maharashtra's Malegaon town which killed five people. The accused army officer is said to be a founding member of the Bahamas Bharat, a radical Hindu right-wing group. The police have found evidence that Purohit helped bomb blast accused Sadhvi (Female Hindu missionary) Pragya Thakur, retired Indian Army Major Ramesh Upadhyaya and his associate Sharad Kulkarni in procuring RDX explosives used in the deadly explosion. The ATS is said to be in possession of transcripts of telephonic conversations and SMSes between the retired and the serving army officer regarding the blast. Purohit is also accused of having attended a meeting with the alleged conspirators at the Nashik Bhonsala Military School September 16, 2008. Coincidentally, on September 8, 2006, terrorists had struck in Maharashtra, killing 38 people and injuring over 100 in three blasts including one in a mosque in the communally sensitive Muslim-dominated town of Malegaon - leaving a trail of death and destruction - scores of people who had gathered in a mosque-cum-graveyard for Friday prayers were among the casualties. The explosions came less than two months after train blasts in Mumbai killed nearly 200 people on July 11, 2006. The perpetrators remain at large. The arrest of the serving Lieutenant Colonel of the Indian Army and his accomplices is but the tip of the iceberg. Indian army, which is spending billions of dollars to enhance its military arsenal and add to its war making capability, needs to take cognisance of the fact that "what goes around, comes around." The terrorism it has been spreading in the region but blaming it on others is now returning to haunt its own people. The writer is a political and defence analyst