I can anticipate the reaction of Mr. Manmohan Singh on receiving Mr. Zardari's letter on Chenab waters. He will just laugh it off, having been reminded so belatedly of his 'promises' when the damage is done to Pakistan agriculture, to the great benefit of India. He would thank us for our incompetence, negligence and failure to safeguard our most profound national interest. He would probably like to congratulate us on the opposition-less 'democracy' Mr. Zardari has so cleverly woven in our country. He would also laud Zardari's wicked reneging on all pledges by blaming everything that goes wrong on Musharraf - even that which went wrong in the last nine months of PPP government. Mr. Singh will doubtless express pleasure at virtual amalgamation of all political forces in Pakistan, be they PPP, PML-N, ANP, JUI or even PML-Q and MQM. He would also be pleased that President and Prime minister of Pakistan have shown untiring energy for foreign visits, often with hundreds of cronies in tow, costing hundreds of millions of dollars to the poor taxpayer of this nation stuck in the rut of poverty, unemployment and inflation. One thing is for sure; the letter from President of the prosperous Pakistan having no roti, pani, bijli etc etc would be no pressure for Prime Minister of Shining India. -OMAR, Mardan, via e-mail, October 30.