ISLAMABAD (APP) - Chief Whip of PML-Q in National Assembly Mian Riaz Hussain Pirzada Tuesday said his party wanted 'serious legislation' for the protection of women's rights, especially violence against women. In an exclusive talk with this agency, Pirzada said the PML-Q government had introduced Women Protection bill for ensuring the women's rights. "We had taken the PPP and other like-minded parties on board vis-a-vis our Women Protection Bill. However, the government has not taken us on board. Neither we have been contacted for supporting the bill, nor we have been provided a copy of the Protection Against Harassment Bill which has already been passed by the federal cabinet," he added. The PML-Q leader said once they were provided a copy of the bill, they would discuss it in length in the party meeting. "Then we would decide whether or not to support the Bill", he added. The proposed bill, which was approved by federal cabinet last week, is a set of legislation on gender harassment with focus on workplace. It will be applicable to all registered bodies across the country. The set of legislation includes a comprehensive bill titled 'Protection from Harassment at Workplace Act' (PHWA), and a Bill to amend the Pakistan Penal Code 1860 and the Code of Criminal Procedure 1898. The bill is gender neutral, meaning it covers sexual harassment at workplace against both men and women. It makes no distinction between the victims and the perpetrators on the basis of gender. The PHWA incorporates three elements. It proposes a code of conduct for sexual harassment, it calls for establishing an inquiry committee within an organisational set up to deal with complaints regarding sexual harassment and it also provides for appellate authority to address appeals related to harassment. The PHWA requires the employers to implement the Act, incorporate the code of conduct for protection from sexual harassment as a part of their management  policy.