ISLAMABAD (APP) - Minister for Privatization, Syed Naveed Qamar on Tuesday assured the Senate that privatization process would be transparent and the employees of OGDCL and Qadirpur Gas Field would not be affected. "Nobody will lose jobs. The government is seriously considering all the issues like period of lease and handing over of management, price of gas and job security," he said in a brief statement in the onset of debate on economic situation in the country. "We have discussed various options like sale of OGDCL shares, change of management or sale of certain assets with handing over management," he said, but added, "without a realistic price no transaction would be made." He said the country is passing through economic crisis and nobody knows how long this crisis persists. He said the matter was raised in the Cabinet Committee on Privatization (CCOP) which gave us go ahead to look into the mechanism. Naveed Qamar said the privatization of Qadirpur Gas Field in at very initial stage. "We can say it is just one step ahead of the 2001-06 position." He said the price of gas would be put in place prior to any transaction and whenever other private companies are in the field, it is the government which is fixing the gas price. He said in Qadirpur Gas Field, 25% shares are own by private companies and 75% by the government. It is being proposed that OGDCL would remain the largest share owner company at Qadirpur. He said as proposed, the OGDC would continue to own 38% share and the strategic partner would own 37% share. "We have decided whatever the mechanism, the OGDCL would stand as the largest share owner company of the Qadirpur Gas Field." "Workers would enjoy unlimited protection, whatever the case be, they would be guaranteed their jobs during the life of this project. So there is no question of affecting any worker.  We would ensure that no worker either from Qadirpur Gas Field or OGDCL would affect from this transaction," Naveed Qamar said. He said the present privatization would not be like the previous when the PTCL was privatized and later the workers lost their jobs. "But, this time we assure there would be no retrenchment." Then there are rights of provinces, he said, adding, "and we need to take privatization forward in a very transparent manner." "Either it is this case or any other, we are committed to put them before the Cabinet, this House, the National Assembly and the Standing Committees of either the Houses or a joint committee of both the Houses, for threadbare discussion" he said. "We would require guidance in this matter. On one hand we need to move forward on privatization and on the other we need to make the process transparent," he said. He said privatization is a necessity of the country in prevailing situation. "We look forward to guidance for a positive transaction. The government is committed to privatization and we will be moving forward on transaction."