PESHAWAR (Agencies) At least 32 security personnel went missing and two soldiers found dead after Taliban militants attacked their convoy in Mohmand, officials said Wednesday. Also a landmine attack killed eight troops in the same area. Taliban militants ambushed a convoy of 52 paramilitary Frontier Corps troops early Wednesday morning in Ghanam Shah area of Mohmand tribal region, top local administration official Amjad Ali Khan told AFP. Dozens of militants armed with automatic weapons and rocket launchers attacked the paramilitary outpost in Ghanam Shah area of Mohmand, said an intelligence officer and local government official. Two soldiers were killed in the attack and three injured, they said. The bodies of the two dead soldiers that officials found Wednesday had been decapitated, said another local government official, Maqsood Khan. Thirty-two soldiers, many of them from a nearby outpost, are still missing, said Khan. He declined to say whether they had fled or were captured. The militant hideouts that were shelled by helicopter gunships following the attack were located in Bai Zai, said the intelligence officer and local government official. The assault killed 10 suspected militants, they said, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorised to talk to the media. Another senior administration official Rasool Khan confirmed the incident and said a manhunt was underway to trace the missing soldiers. It seems they (troops) all got scattered after the attack, Khan added. A Taliban spokesman in the area, Ikramullah Mohmand, who claimed responsibility for the attack on the outpost, said the group had not taken any prisoners. He said the Taliban had killed 10 soldiers during the assault. The conflicting claims could not be independently verified. Separately, a landmine attack killed eight troops in Mohmand, officials said. Eight soldiers were martyred and two were wounded when their vehicle hit a landmine buried on the roadside, Major Fazal ur-Rehman, spokesman for the paramilitary Frontier Corps, told AFP. The attack happened on the outskirts of Safi town near the Afghan border in Mohmand tribal district, the paramilitary said. The soldiers were on a routine patrol. The landmine was buried by militants. The explosion damaged the pick-up, said Rehman. He said the incident was separate to a Taliban ambush that left two paramilitary personnel dead and many others missing after militants attacked a another convoy nearby at Ghanam Shah. Paramilitary forces are waging operations against militants in Mohmand. Security forces launched a huge operation against militants in Mohmand and Bajaur in August 2008. In February, they said Bajaur had been cleared after months of fierce fighting, but unrest has rumbled on.