Eighteen months ago, all the PPP ladies appearing on various TV talk shows looked inelegant, somewhat rustic and unkempt. The win in the elections and coming into power had not quite added the sparkle to their eyes yet. Only one well-coiffured woman, dolled-up to be a Benazir look-alike, looked the part in Islamabad, even if she too was a little overdone. She, kind of, reminded me of the Baroque style art of the West. She has since sobered up a little, may be on advice that it does not behove her high office that she should look like a heroine of the local films. Other ladies have also gradually changed their appearance enough to seem tolerable. Every time one sees a PPP lady on TV now, one can tell she has been to an expensive beauty parlour before coming to the show. In this regard, a lady parliamentarian from Peshawar deserves a special mention. Whenever on TV, you see her face shining like gold. This is good thinking on the part of the PPP strategists; you have to be, at least, good to look at if the arguments you are presenting are hollow. The viewers have to have something to appreciate. I think this practice should continue in the interest of the viewing public. May be the lady parliamentarians should get a special 'Beauty Parlour Allowance' too. -DR. NUZHAT JABEEN, Islamabad, November 11.