ISLAMABAD Cricket lovers are still recovering from the shock loss of the national team from New Zealand in ODIs. To add to this shock, the PCB has dropped a bombshell by appointing Muhammad Yousuf as the captain of the Pakistan test team. How on earth can you replace your captain at the eleventh hour? If Younus Khan is not competent enough, why was he leading the one day side, especially since the format doesnt suit his style of play. At this important time, when the team is set to play test series against the Kiwis, Yousufs appointment will serve no purpose to the team but will only complicate the already tense situation. Like in the past, when Yousuf was named captain for a brief spell, it was witnessed he had no command on team affairs and he not only lacks leadership qualities but also has no grip on and off the field. The situation has not changed much since. PCB Chief Ijaz Butt is destroying not only the cricket teams image but also has been the key figure in letting the whole nation down. Whether it was the shifting of World Cup 2011 matches from Pakistan or the rude and unjustified attitude of the BCCI who were the key players in isolating Pakistan from the rest of the sporting world. Time is ripe to set an example and change the whole PCB management before its too late. President Asif Ali Zardari, who is also the Patron-in-Chief of the Pakistan cricket team must act now. Set aside political differences and appoint Imran Khan as the PCB chairman. He is the only person in the current difficult times who can rescue the image of the country. Our nation is already striving hard to recover from the deadly terrorist activities. Please give them some sigh of relief. Dont make decisions in haste. Let the whole PCB set-up be suspended and appoint an ad hoc body for the time being. Soon after the test series against New Zealand make Imran Khan the head of PCB and give him a free hand so he can bring the positives out from the current crop of the players.