Why should Nawaz Sharif condone the sins of commission of the PPP, MQM, ANP and MMA coalition and get blamed for crimes of the Musharraf era too? It is Mr. Zardari who broke every national pledge, imposed the Governor Raj and refused to restore the deposed judiciary till Nawaz Sharif spearheaded the Long March to force his hand on the issue. And he is still stuck on the 58-2B, the 17th amendment etc, politics, economy and constitution be damned. He has yet to get an FIR registered against BB's murder too. Although the nation agrees with Nawaz Sharif that Musharraf should be tried for his crimes but why should not the present ruling junta be tried also for ruining the nation through their corruption and incompetence? When Nawaz Sharif chooses to condone the PPP and his 'friend' Zardari despite their criminal negligence and incompetence, the nation is shocked and perceives this as a mark of his lack of sensitivity for the miseries of the common man caused by the corrupt elite. He does not realize that he is making himself unpopular in the whole country by following the opportunistic politics of MQM and MMA who regularly stab their mentors (remember they did that to Musharraf and are now doing it to Zardari). Nawaz Sharif must understand that he has to oppose the government on principles rather than keep acting as a 'pocket' opposition leader. He has to treat them just at par with the Musharraf junta. -AISHA JAMAL, Jehlum, November 9.