Pakistan has always been ruled by a troika. The people of Pakistan feel betrayed because they have never been part of this troika, nor has their welfare or collective good been on the agenda. For the past (almost) two years, the PPP has been in power in Islamabad and they also have the required majority to rule Sindh. Yet, the man who sits in the Presidency has compromised the interests of the people of Sindh. Whether it is the issue of local governments or jobs in PIA, Steel Mills, KPT, TCP, National Bank or State Bank, the reserved quotas of interior Sindh always ends up being sacrificed to appease the coalition partners. If anybody has any doubts, just evaluate the ratio of Sindhis from interior Sindh that comprise the 7,500 daily wagers regularised by the PPP nominated MD of PIA. Look at the great betrayal of Baloch citizens who, despite the large existing deficit in their allocated share of employment, have been ignored further in the last two years. What has changed from the days of Musharraf rule? Those who benefited from his misrule, continue to fleece the democratic rule too. If merit and allocated reserved quotas were adhered to, the educated youth of Sindh would have also had a chance of getting their fair share. There is anger and resentment amongst the population of rural Sindh. This anger is finding its expression in a large number of disgruntled youth joining the ranks of nationalist parties in droves. Does the PPP leadership realise what it has gained and what it has lost on the ground? -NAZEER ABRO, Hyderabad, November 11.