KARACHI - The North Nazimabad Police claimed to have busted a six members gang of criminals including a former crime reporter involved in heinous crimes including the killing of 12 people during street crime. Addressing a Press Conference here on Wednesday, North Nazimabad SP Nasir Qureshi said that a special team of Shahra-e-Noor Jahan Police, on a tip-off raided the criminals hideout and arrested its ringleader Raghib Ali. Raghib confessed to various crimes and disclosed the names and whereabouts of his accomplices, he said, adding that the Police conducted raids and arrested d his five accomplices from different areas. The alleged criminals included Raghib Ali son of Assrat Ali, Ali Raza son of Shaukat Ali, Syed Kamal Ali son of Syed Iftikhar Ali, Samiullah son of Hameedullah, Rehman Ahmed son of Anees Ahmed and Siknadar Ali son of Wali Muhammad. The alleged criminals confessed to have killed 12 people during robberies and also number of other criminal activities. SP Qureshi claimed that Syed Kamal Ali was said to be a journalist and used to work as crime reporter before joining the gang of criminals. The Police also claimed to have recovered a Kalashnikov, two 9mm pistols, four rounds, four 30 bore pistols, seven rounds, 30 snatched cell-phones, one motorcycle and a one Toyota corolla car from their possession. PPI adds: The SP said the accused were involved in heinous street crimes and murders on resistance of people including ladies and children. They had also killed their own gang members on monetary disputes. He said they had killed their two accomplices, Amin, in Shahra-e-Faisal area and another accomplice Mirza Ehsan Baig in the limits of New Town police. Both were killed over money disputes. The SP said they were also involved in some target killing cases, adding that they had killed one Askar Jamal in Korangi area. He said they had intercepted the deceased when he came out of a bank branch after drawing Rs 1 million. They killed him on resistance but fled without taking the booty. He said police had taken the incident as target killing, but now after the confession of accused it was known that it was killing during street crime. He said the gang while committing crime in Karachi normally used hired cars of Babu Rent-a-Car situated at Liaqatabad area and snatched motorcycles, adding when committing crimes in Lahore they used to live in Government Guest House. He said the arrested accused had also killed two innocent people in Lahore. The SP said they are merciless criminals, adding they used intercept and loot parents dropping their children to school early morning, adding these trigger-happy criminals always open fire on resistance. The SP said they had code-named their morning crime as Pehla Kam (first task). The SP said the accused had first met with the ringleader Raghib Ali in jail, who invited them to his gang. He said the accused mainly belonged to Karachi. He further added that a girl, whose identity could not be revealed, was also active member of this gang. This girl was yet to be arrested.